Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I Can Find You by Joss Landry

Title: I CAN FIND YOU (Emma Willis Series #2)
Author: Joss Landry
Publisher: Book Beatles Publishing LTD.
Pages: 372
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Emma just turned fifteen. Her powers have spiraled to include unusual magic, and she gladly relies on Hank and Christina’s friendship to mark the way. Thomas Carson’s feelings for Emma have changed, her aunt Franka tells her—a young man her aunt describes as a young buck whose testosterone plays a big role in his life.

New friends around Emma surprise her. They appear to be like nothing she could have imagined, and their goals stir more disturbance than their presence until she bumps into the scourge of her existence: entities who wish to control what humans do and say. She learns they are powerful, vindictive and will stop at nothing to obtain what they want. Will Emma be able to protect the people she loves?



Book Excerpt:

Emma’s long hair stuck to her temples and her back in clumps and tangles. A dense fog enveloped her, and though she wore an old style black cloak, the cold mist penetrated her garment and chilled her to the bone.
After walking in this strange land for what seemed like hours instead of the mere minutes she suspected to be the dream’s timespan, Emma still ignored why she roamed about the alien land—a strange dream Emma doubted she would fight to remember upon waking—her attempts to wake up ineffective. 
A carriage strode by, the big wheel close enough to scrape the side of her leg. A disheveled young man sat hunched at the helm of a horse-drawn cart. He nudged the reins of two black Percherons slowly traveling up a cobblestone road. Shabby clothes, unkempt tousled dark hair, his head followed the cadence of the horses’ slow gait, like one of those toys in perpetual motion, and the word mendicant crossed Emma’s mind.
 She caught a brief impression of his thoughts as he rode passed her, warning her, of what? A sense of danger and doom filled her mind, but his words briefly captured dissolved in the fog and disappeared useless to her now.  
An echo surprised her in the distance. Too loud to be a woodpecker, the sound became sharper like the wrap of knuckles on a sturdy piece of wood.
Emma opened her eyes startled by her mom’s words through her bedroom door. She stared at the light coming through the window revealing the late hour. She glanced at the clock and clutched her heart from the thump in her chest kicking her out of bed. “I’m up, Mom.” Gathering her thoughts along with her clothes, she wondered where the word mendicant came from. 
She tripped over a corner of the sheet still caught between her legs and bounced her shoulder against the door frame. Late again, twice in one week to Mr. Wright’s class. Her social studies’ teacher warned them. He would not tolerate tardies. 
“Sorry, Mom. Hope you’re finished with the bathroom. Can’t figure why I overslept this time,” she said more to reassure her mother from worrying that she’d fought all night with frightening dreams.
“I’ll use the one downstairs, sweetie. Are you going to be all right to get to school?”
Sensing her mother’s question to be rhetorical, the light in those big brown eyes flashing the desperation she would be late herself if she drove Emma to school, Emma nodded with a toothpaste filled smile. She gargled to rinse making her eyes water from the burn of mouthwash and toothpaste. “Go, Mom. Don’t worry about me. I’ll hop a bus.” Of course, since her mom now owned the flower shop, she needed to be there earlier than in the olden days when she worked as a mere employee.
With twenty minutes to spare before she needed to be butt in chair, a little math equation ran through her thoughts. Seven minutes to get to school by car. Dad left for work, and Mom is headed in the opposite direction. 

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