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Interview with Gwen Knight, author of 'A Hunter's Passion',  facebook page, or twitter

Canadian girl Gwen Knight first began to delve into the realm of the paranormal at the age of ten, when she wrote her first horror starring a clawed monster that hid beneath her bed. Since then, her tastes have expanded into many genres. Though addicted to reading and writing, she managed to achieve a degree in archaeology, geography, and mapping. Currently, she lives in the Great White North with her husband, two collies, and black cat. She loves meeting new people and you can visit her website at

Her latest book is the paranormal romance, A Hunter’s Passion.

Thanks for coming to the book club, Gwen!  I have to admit – I love paranormal romance.  What made you decide to write that genre?

Gwen: I’ve always loved the paranormal. Magic, danger, excitement…but add in a little romance, and this genre can take your breath away.

The big question of the day is how did you get a book deal with Harlequin?  Can you take us through the steps?

Gwen: The most important step is reading. You have to know what the publisher is interested in and what they're looking for. I did the appropriate research and found out what they were looking for in their novels. Afterward, it's a lot of polishing, and a lot of hoping.

In A Hunter’s Passion, there is a love interest.  Can you tell us about that?

Gwen: Sure! Jenna Sinclair and Ryker Bennett are the main characters and the love interest. These two have quite the romantic history with one another, but once Jenna learns of her paranormal heritage, she leaves him as a means of protecting not only herself but Ryker as well. Jenna’s and Ryker’s relationship was rather fun to write about. They are the epitome of forbidden love.

Wow, this book sounds hot.  How did you come up with the storyline?

Gwen: When I start plotting stories, it always begins as one particular scene—something about the main character that I envision to establish a feel for them. For A Hunter’s Passion, it began with the image of Ryker in bed, and his phone rings. When he checks the screen, he’s upset to see Jenna’s name scroll across it—his next target. That was all I had to go on. In the story, it doesn’t happen as such, but that little imaginary image started it all.

Every book has that on the edge of your seat drama.  What part of your book would have me glued to the pages?

Gwen: There are a couple scenes that come to mind. Without giving too much away, the final conflict had me on the edge of my seat. Not only is their drama, but a great deal of character development for Jenna. However, one other scene jumps out at me and that’s the moment when Ryker has to decide whether or not to kill Jenna. His internal struggle gets me every time.

Is there anything you’d like to tell your fans?

Gwen: Thank you so much for reading A Hunter’s Passion! I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. I’m hoping to expand on the universe by giving each of the brother’s their own stories. Hope to see you for the next one.

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